Ethio Agri-CEFT Plc

Ethio Agri-CEFT, one of the largest private players in the agricultural and agro-processing industries in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, was established in January 1, 1998 under MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group engaged in the production and processing of various agricultural crops. Throughout its nine farms located across the country and its tea processing center located in the capital, the Company has continued to play an important role in realizing the investment group's developmental goals.


To engage in a sustainable production, marketing and development of environmentally friendly farms of cereals, tea, coffee, legumes, cut flowers, horticultural products, herbs, spices and medicinal plants, and integrated agro-processed products.


To become one of the leading agro-processing companies in the world.


Good governance, professionalism, competency, productivity, customer focused, corporate social responsibility and social partnership, employees buy-in, efficiency and outcome based, cooperativeness, trust, reward on merits, and branded corporate identity.


Ethio Agri - CEFT, at both the head office in Addis Ababa and in the farms located in the different Regions of Ethiopia, has so far created job opportunities for 19,301 citizens out of which 3,616 are permanent, 21 are contract and 15,664 are casual workers.

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+251 116 67 62 04 / 116 73 42 34



Gurd Sholla, Addis Ababa