Ethio Agri-CEFT's Coffee Farms

Gemadro, Duyina, Ayehu and Beha with a total of 2,675 hectares under coffee plantation.

Coffee Farm

Ethio Agri-CEFT's first venture was in coffee with the development of the iconic Gemadro Coffee Plantation. As of 2020, Ethio Agri-CEFT's farms are located in the Southern Ethiopian regions Gemadro, Duyina, Beha and Ayehu in Northern region. The farms offer ideal altitude and climate which contributes to the ranges of flavors and qualities,...
The Company's coffee farms focus on the production and export of quality coffee for the international market.

Conserving our environment
The southern forests in Ethiopia are essential for the ecology in protecting the environmental dynamics, water quality, wildlife species and most importantly it is one of the last remaining forest coffees that contain the only genetic material of coffee arabica. At present, deforestation trends are serious concerns in the southwestern coffee producing parts of Ethiopia, putting at stake the existing rich biodiversity.
Hence, through our "enriching habitat" initiative we are closely working with local farming communities, to enhance the economic and ecological stability of the surrounding at large. Not only do our coffee farms protect the environment but maintain the entire ecosystem by forming a cloud of forest with coffees grown under shade that are promoting healthy soil and providing a natural habitat to various species.
We are practicing the production of sustainable coffee under conserved environment with high regard to maintaining the biodiversity of the area.


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