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Ethio Agri-CEFT Fattening

Along with a long and acclaimed history in the coffee industry, Ethiopia has a growing international reputation for high quality meat exports.
Ethio Agri-CEFT which has its roots in producing coffee, tea and various grains is now pleased to announce the beginning of modern cattle fattening operation and processing that will increase the production of meat (beef), deliver improved quality standards, and over time emphasize in-country value addition prior to export . The project will also establish a modern slaughter house/abattoir around Addis Ababa, with potential for further development of animal by-products processing arms in the future as an extension program.
The project is located at the Bir farm located in Western GOJJAM Zone Amhara Regional State. The fattening operation will strive to minimize any negative environmental impact. ... The beef fattening farm that is being setup will be productive throughout the year.
From local breed, those are reared in the Farm:
1. Fogera
2. Borena
3. Begayit
4. From cross Breed: Boran X Fogera
5. From Exotic Breed: Brhaman X Boran
6. Angus Sires, EU-Qualified: One of the breeds used to improve the local by crossbreeding on our farm. Key Facts
We feed the cattle grass and grain feed such as (maize, soybean, haricot bean, rice and wheat byproducts)
There is an adequate pasture land for grazing and airing
Reliable access to clean water & veterinary facilities
Adequate and protected shelter facilities
Currently, our capacity stands at 3,000 cattle at a time and 12,000 cattle/year
Our plan is to satisfy local and global needs through export to international markets. With good air freight connectivity and infrastructure available, we can deliver to most markets across the world on time.

Cattle Fattening

Cattle Fattening Overview


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